How Often Do I Fertilize?



Turf that does not respond to nitrogen fertilizer may be lacking in other


nutrients, such as phosphorus or iron. Balanced or complete fertilizers


contain various amounts of phosphorus, potassium, iron and sulfur. They


are a good safeguard against a potential nutrient deficiency. If you leave


clippings on the lawn, these nutrients are recycled from the clippings. If you


remove clippings, this type of fertilizer is appropriate.


You should fertilize 3 to 4 times per season for most lawns depending on moisture, temperature & type of fertilizer.

Nitrogen is the most important nutrient for promoting good turf color and growth. Do not over stimulate the turf with excess N, especially during the spring and summer.

Over fertilization can contribute to thatch buildup and increased mowing requirements.

Avoid under fertilization of bluegrass and ryegrass.


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